The Bog Rush is CANCELLED due to flooding!

The Bog Rush is CANCELLED due to flooding!

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Urgent News…


Dear Boggers,

I am very saddened to announce that, having examined the course this morning with my co-organisers, we are forced to CANCEL this Sunday 16th February’s “Bog Rush” event. The course is now submerged beyond our control and is dangerous.

We will roll-over your entries to the (higher priced) spring “Bogathon” event, now on 27th April (when the water will, hopefully, have subsided).  I sincerely hope that you will be able to accept our offer, and we will move your entries automatically.  For those of you who have trouble making this date, have no fear – we will be holding further events in July and October, so if you can’t make Bogathon date, please let us know!  We want to ensure that every Bogger comes to experience the BOG this year… :-)

Until Friday evening we were all going full steam ahead – working furiously putting the finishing touches to obstacles and about to start course marking for Sunday.  We thought a little extra water would only add to the challenge of Beating The Bog…  however the river bursting its banks over the weekend has made holding the event completely impractical and highly dangerous.


I never thought I would even have to consider cancelling such an event because of the weather:  believing that conditions, no matter how bad they were, would simply add to the challenge of Beating The Bog, – and that the determination, dedication and resilience of our Boggers would overcome all..!

I’m sure most of you will be aware of the flooding going on up and down the country, with the endless talk on the news, and unfortunately this has hit East Kent hard in the past week.  Those of you in Kent may even have seen the local BBC reports of the environment agency bringing in extra pumps at Stourmouth pumping station, which is very close to the Beat The Bog course.  They’ve been doing their best, but the Little Stour river which flows around the course has now burst its banks.  The result: the worst flooding here in 14 years.


The “Bog” is now 90% completely under water, in some case up to 2 Metres deep, with forecasts of more and more heavy rain into the future. (Most of the course is situated on boggy marshland around the river the Little Stour, so it should come as no surprise that it get a little wet down there.  However, when on the very rare occasion the river bursts its banks, the area becomes one giant lake.  There is simply nothing we can do.)

I am very disappointed to have let you all down this time.  Especially those loyal Boggers who have supported us through our first events. You can see from the pictures how the view has changed over the past few days – it’s gone from being boggy fields with ponds and dykes, to being one giant lake.


This video shows a view across:

This was as far as we could walk – with everything submerged in flood water.

(Some of you may well ask the question: Why don’t you simply move the Feb “Bog Rush” to a March date, and keep it as a separate event?  Well, while we have considered doing this, when this land last flooded in 2000 it took over 8 weeks for the water to drain away to any meaningful degree, so there would be no point, unfortunately.)

On a personal note this comes as a financial knock for us as a tiny team doing everything on a shoestring budget – this is something beyond our control – but we are treating the cancellation as just another obstacle to be overcome like all the rest..!

Thank you for your understanding. I and my co-organisers William and Riffi appreciate your support.  Do feel free to contact me at with any questions.


The below photos help to illustrate how the scene has changed over the past few days: