Team Discounts & Rebates

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    • Teams of 6 or more:

      We have a 10% discount when you sign up a team of 6 people or more.
      Alternatively, you can claim a rebate once 6 are signed up seperately under a given team name.


    • Teams of 15 or more:

      Up to a 20% discount via immediate discount or via rebate, if you can assemble a team of 15 or more. Depending on team size, this extra discretionary discount can be arranged via promo codes or subsequent rebate – please just send us a message via the Contact Us page.


More on Rebates:

Rebates allow you to claim your discount sum back once you’ve created a team with 6 or more members… Simply register yourself now, get others to join your team later, and then apply for a rebate.
This works well if you think you can get a team together, but don’t know the full numbers yet and/or you don’t want to pay for all the other members in one payment. We’ll promise to provide rebate equivalent to the full discount amount for all team members, once you’ve proven your team has 6 members or more and all the members have paid.  The rebate amount will be equivalent to 10% of the total price of tickets paid, and can only be paid to a single individual, the alotted team leader.
To use this method, sign yourself up now with a unique team name and then get your friends to sign up themselves. Once you’ve gathered the full team of 6 or more, simply contact us to let us know.


News From The Bog...

New Location for BTB events in 2015

New Location for BTB events in 2015

The new BTB obstacle course near Sevenoaks, Kent. We’re pleased to announce that Beat The Bog races now have a new, secondary site in Kent. All races in 2015 will be held here.   This exciting new location offers much easier access for many, being just off the M25 and A25. More importantly it’s big, there’s plenty… Continue Reading