RACE CANCELLATION!  BTB Autumn 2014, 26th October.

RACE CANCELLATION! BTB Autumn 2014, 26th October.

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It is with a heavy heart that we have been forced to cancel the Autumn BTB race at Preston, near Canterbury.


All those of you that have already signed up (or been rolled over) should have received an email about the cancellation and you will be refunded, in full, during the next week.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this sad news.

To those of you who’ve recently been in contact, been putting teams together and planning on signing up for the October event, our apologies also. We know many of you have been training hard and looking forward to taking on The Bog, and to raising money for charity.


This is not a decision taken lightly.

For the past few weeks this summer we’ve been in talks with authorities and landowners at the Preston, Canterbury site over a number of restrictions which have come to light there. These restrictions stem from areas of ground under various wildlife conservation and scientific protection schemes with the EA, and others. They put severe limitations on when and how we can hold events, their routing and the number of people allowed on the ground at any one time. We’ve had long and detailed discussions with authorities, including options of totally new course routes at the Canterbury site. Unfortunately there’s no practical solution that would allow races that are safe for participants, spectators and race marshalls (compounded by access and safety factors at the river). This, at least, for the short term.

We are totally gutted. For the past 18 months, the key organisers Will and I (plus many others) have put considerable resources and time, including almost all of our weekends into the Canterbury site. We worked hard in all conditions to clear course routes through woods, dykes and ponds; and constructed some pretty serious obstacles. So now, given the popularity and success of previous BTB races held at Canterbury, this is a painful decision to have had to make.

Once again, we’d like to apologise to those of you who have, or were thinking of signing up for this Autumn’s Beat The Bog. And thank you to those who’ve extended their understanding and support – it means a great deal to Will, Riffi and I and the many others involved in the races.

If you’ve questions about any of this please do contact us at info@beatthebog.com.  (More info on refunds below.)


However.. some good news.. we now have, confirmed, a new twin site at Sevenoaks for 2015!

This new site at Sevenoaks puts Beat The Bog events on a much firmer footing and we believe it will safeguard future races from cancellation. We’re determined to take Beat The Bog forward and so it’s back to work for us at Sevenoaks!

We look forward to announcing the calendar of race dates for 2015…

-Tom, Will and Riffi


Some Information on AUTUMN 2014 Refunds:

If you’ve purchased a ticket to Beat The Bog Autumn 2014 (or been rolled over from previous BTB event) you should receive a full refund. Refunds will be made later this week, back to your payment card or account via the payment method you used (or the lead member of your team used), either: Paypal, or Stripe Payments (for credit and debit card payments)

You should receive an email notification of the refund from Paypal or from Stripe Payments. These notifications may take some time to come through, so please don’t worry if you don’t receive anything immediately. Please note that refunds will be requested by us this week, but funds may take up to 10 days to appear on your card, depending on the payment method you used. This depends on the processing time of the Payment providers, and is not something we can control.

Refunds will be made, in full, to the person that paid for the ticket(s).

If you were signed up by somebody elese as part of a team, the refund will be made to the lead team member that the payment(s) on your behalf. If you’ve any questions, please email them to info@beatthebog.com