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News from the Bog…

New Location for BTB events in 2015

New Location for BTB events in 2015

The new BTB obstacle course near Sevenoaks, Kent.

We’re pleased to announce that Beat The Bog races now have a new, secondary site in Kent.

All races in 2015 will be held here.



This exciting new location offers much easier access for many, being just off the M25 and A25. More importantly it’s big, there’s plenty of mud and some really varied and challenging terrain.

For you Boggers, the Sevenoaks site means there will be more frequent BTB races with dates to choose from throughout the year. The varied ground there will allow us to construct seriously impressive and inventive obstacles. These will take some time to create but they’ll be worth the wait and make for some mighty tough races.

Look out for the 2015 BTB race calendar at Sevenoaks – this will be posted here and on Facebook in September…

RACE CANCELLATION!  BTB Autumn 2014, 26th October.

RACE CANCELLATION! BTB Autumn 2014, 26th October.


It is with a heavy heart that we have been forced to cancel the Autumn BTB race at Preston, near Canterbury.


All those of you that have already signed up (or been rolled over) should have received an email about the cancellation and you will be refunded, in full, during the next week.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this sad news.

To those of you who’ve recently been in contact, been putting teams together and planning on signing up for the October event, our apologies also. We know many of you have been training hard and looking forward to taking on The Bog, and to raising money for charity.


This is not a decision taken lightly.

For the past few weeks this summer we’ve been in talks with authorities and landowners at the Preston, Canterbury site over a number of restrictions which have come to light there. These restrictions stem from areas of ground under various wildlife conservation and scientific protection schemes with the EA, and others. They put severe limitations on when and how we can hold events, their routing and the number of people allowed on the ground at any one time. We’ve had long and detailed discussions with authorities, including options of totally new course routes at the Canterbury site. Unfortunately there’s no practical solution that would allow races that are safe for participants, spectators and race marshalls (compounded by access and safety factors at the river). This, at least, for the short term.

We are totally gutted. For the past 18 months, the key organisers Will and I (plus many others) have put considerable resources and time, including almost all of our weekends into the Canterbury site. We worked hard in all conditions to clear course routes through woods, dykes and ponds; and constructed some pretty serious obstacles. So now, given the popularity and success of previous BTB races held at Canterbury, this is a painful decision to have had to make.

Once again, we’d like to apologise to those of you who have, or were thinking of signing up for this Autumn’s Beat The Bog. And thank you to those who’ve extended their understanding and support – it means a great deal to Will, Riffi and I and the many others involved in the races.

If you’ve questions about any of this please do contact us at info@beatthebog.com.  (More info on refunds below.)


However.. some good news.. we now have, confirmed, a new twin site at Sevenoaks for 2015!

This new site at Sevenoaks puts Beat The Bog events on a much firmer footing and we believe it will safeguard future races from cancellation. We’re determined to take Beat The Bog forward and so it’s back to work for us at Sevenoaks!

We look forward to announcing the calendar of race dates for 2015…

-Tom, Will and Riffi


Some Information on AUTUMN 2014 Refunds:

If you’ve purchased a ticket to Beat The Bog Autumn 2014 (or been rolled over from previous BTB event) you should receive a full refund. Refunds will be made later this week, back to your payment card or account via the payment method you used (or the lead member of your team used), either: Paypal, or Stripe Payments (for credit and debit card payments)

You should receive an email notification of the refund from Paypal or from Stripe Payments. These notifications may take some time to come through, so please don’t worry if you don’t receive anything immediately. Please note that refunds will be requested by us this week, but funds may take up to 10 days to appear on your card, depending on the payment method you used. This depends on the processing time of the Payment providers, and is not something we can control.

Refunds will be made, in full, to the person that paid for the ticket(s).

If you were signed up by somebody elese as part of a team, the refund will be made to the lead team member that the payment(s) on your behalf. If you’ve any questions, please email them to info@beatthebog.com

SUMMER 2014 Refunds & Roll Overs

(The following has been emailed to all earlier this week.)

Following the unfortunate cancellation of Beat The Bog Summer 2014, we will be issuing full refunds to all those that registered as of Monday 30th June 2014.

Alternatively, we are giving you option to move your registration ticket (roll over your entry) to the next race, BTB Autumn 2014, which takes place on 26th October.

If you would prefer your registration moved forward to this next event, then please email us at info@beatthebog.com by midnight Sunday 29th June 2014, stating your full name and email address. This will enable us to locate your registration on the system and move your entry to BTB Autumn 2014. (If you’re part of a team, then you may need to discuss this with the other members).

Some Information on Refunds:

If we don’t hear back from you by Sunday night, refunds will be made back to your payment card or account via the payment method you used, either Paypal or Credit/Debit Card. You should receive an email confirmation of the refund from Paypal or from Stripe Payments for credit/debit card payments. These refund notifications may take a few hours to come through, so please don’t worry if you don’t receive anything immediately.

Refunds will be made, in full, to the person that paid for the ticket(s)

In the case of teams and groups of 2 or more, the refund will be paid to the person that originally paid. Therefore, if you were signed up as part of a team, the refund will be made to the lead team member that registered you and made the payment(s) on your behalf.




It is with great regret that we’ve been forced to cancel the Summer 2014 Beat The Bog obstacle race, due to be held on 20th July at Preston, near Canterbury.

All those who bought tickets for this race will be refunded in full.  We are also giving the option for tickets to be rolled over to the next race, BTB Autumn 2014 on 26th October.  If you’ve signed up, then you should receive emails about this. (please let us know if you haven’t.)

The cancellation is in order to safeguard protected wildlife at “The Bog” – the site of BTB obstacle courses at Preston Marshes.  This wetland area is given special status as a habitat for all kinds of wildlife, in particular for sensitive nesting birds, which have been affected by the highly unusual weather conditions and massive flooding during the first quarter of 2014.

The flooding, which caused most of the BTB site to be under 4 Ft or more of water for some 8 weeks, has led to the nesting season running late this year.  This is still having a particular impact on the many protected bird species such as Lapwing, and a large number of these birds will still be nesting later than normal through July.  Whilst we organize BTB events, we’re also the guardians of the site and we cannot hold an event likely to disturb this, even in unusual circumstances.

We would like to apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience the cancellation might cause you, especially for those of you planning to run with teams or raise money for charity.  We hope you’ll be understanding.  This was a difficult decision for us to have to make, but after exploring the options available, there was really no alternative (please see our email, or contact us for further information).

With the great success of previous BTB races, we have big plans for the future, with some exciting new obstacles and course routes being prepared, so don’t be too disheartened …you’ll get your chance at Beating The Bog later this year..!

We can say with some assurance that, in order to avoid this situation in future years, the BTB calendar will be September to April only, to avoid any potential conflicts.  Please do keep an eye out here for new course maps, details of new obstacles and news of a fuller calendar of bigger and better events –including Autumn and Winter 2014 and through into 2015…  there’s plenty to look forward to!


-Tom and Will



BTB Spring 2014 Results

BTB Spring 2014 Results

Congratulations to the Champion Bogger Luke Bicknell (of Community Gyms) who absolutely stormed around The Bog and once again finihed in first place. Luke also bested his time of the November race, all the more impressive given there were several extra obstacles and conditions were boggier… Well done Luke!

Close behind Luke was Charlie Bainbridge, also running with Community Gyms and Patrick Butler in 3rd place.

Well done all those who Beat The Bog, this Spring, it’s no mean feat!

Photos here.

(Please note, we can’t guarantee the accuracy of these results, as the times were not electronically recorded and many names are missing!) How the fastest Boggers lined up:

 BoggerIDTeam NameStart TimeFinish TimeCourse Time
1Luke Bicknell827Community gyms10:00 AM10:46:300:46:30
2Charlie Bainbridge831Community gyms10:00 AM10:47:300:47:30
3Patrick Butler27110:00 AM10:51:170:51:17
4Chris Alcott40510:40 AM11:32:000:52:00
5Victoria Sudlow61210:40 AM11:32:000:52:00
6James Fidget387Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM10:53:000:53:00
7Wayne Kennedy84010:00 AM10:53:500:53:50
8Alex Butler27210:00 AM10:53:590:53:59
9Wayne Leaney25010:00 AM10:58:000:58:00
10Jake Bicknell436Roll the DICE10:00 AM10:58:000:58:00
11Steve Denby25210:00 AM10:58:300:58:30
12Zoe Lawton-Barret829Community gyms10:00 AM10:58:590:58:59
13Matt Lister73311:20 AM12:19:000:59:00
14Lara Johnston376The Muddington Peas11:20 AM12:19:000:59:00
15Jay Saunders454RPCC11:20 AM12:20:001:00:00
16James Jeffreys455RPCC11:20 AM12:20:001:00:00
17Adam Beeching456RPCC11:20 AM12:20:001:00:00
18David Bleach83911:20 AM12:21:001:01:00
19Tom Brian276Men Of Steel10:00 AM11:01:301:01:30
20sean maguire59710:40 AM11:41:301:01:30
21Tommy Nugent828Community gyms10:00 AM11:01:501:01:50
22Darren Keem358Coombs bog joggers10:00 AM11:02:501:02:50
23Lewis McAuley-Jones801Fli Fitness10:00 AM11:03:001:03:00
24Carl Adams33810:00 AM11:03:141:03:14
25Sophie Leaney24910:00 AM11:03:501:03:50
26wayne olsen631Caring for Connor Campaign10:40 AM11:47:001:07:00
27Kerrie Fisher55210:00 AM11:08:001:08:00
28Tom Oakley83311:20 AM12:28:001:08:00
29Alex Lloyd599Cuckfield Boggies10:40 AM11:48:001:08:00
30Ben Morris600Cuckfield Boggies10:40 AM11:48:001:08:00
31Simeon Morris60510:40 AM11:48:001:08:00
32thomas robinson29010:00 AM11:09:001:09:00
33Lois Banyard61410:00 AM11:09:301:09:30
34Steve Gregory81910:00 AM11:10:001:10:00
35Emma Williams25110:00 AM11:10:301:10:30
36Sam Jarrett83810:00 AM11:11:001:11:00
37Dan Challender438Roll the DICE10:00 AM11:12:001:12:00
38Lydia Tiller439Roll the DICE10:00 AM11:12:001:12:00
39Annie Jones62011:20 AM12:32:001:12:00
40Sam Sharpe822Muddy funkers10:40 AM11:52:001:12:00
41jamie slater772muddy funkers10:40 AM11:52:001:12:00
42Ben North773Muddy funkers10:40 AM11:52:001:12:00
43tom nunn782muddy funkers10:40 AM11:52:001:12:00
44James MacDonald-Bell27910:40 AM11:53:001:13:00
45Josie Nye28810:40 AM11:53:001:13:00
46faye minister313Zim and co11:20 AM12:34:001:14:00
47quinton cane314Zim and co11:20 AM12:34:001:14:00
48michael erlwanger315Zim and co11:20 AM12:34:001:14:00
49Harriet Wiles460Zim and Co11:20 AM12:34:001:14:00
50Adam Powell62210:40 AM11:55:001:15:00
51David Anders62310:40 AM11:55:001:15:00
52Chris Oates280Onesie Wonders10:00 AM11:16:001:16:00
53Steve McCarty283Onesie Wonders10:00 AM11:16:001:16:00
54David Parker287Onesie Wonders10:00 AM11:16:001:16:00
55Kim O\'Mara62110:40 AM11:56:001:16:00
56Joe Gibson78610:40 AM11:56:301:16:30
57richard teague32111:20 AM12:37:001:17:00
58Mat Keeler284Onesie Wonders10:00 AM11:17:301:17:30
59Andrew Cross32810:00 AM11:17:301:17:30
60Melvin Hancock34310:00 AM11:17:301:17:30
61Sally Luckhurst847Boot campers10:40 AM11:58:001:18:00
62Amy Marles848Boot campers10:40 AM11:58:001:18:00
63michael waller81110:40 AM11:59:001:19:00
64Caley Houguez42710:00 AM11:19:301:19:30
65Ryan houguez42810:00 AM11:19:301:19:30
66Rowena Cooper32210:00 AM11:20:001:20:00
67Emma Doyle32410:00 AM11:20:001:20:00
68Nicola Jeanne Kinglsey641Mucky Pups10:40 AM12:00:001:20:00
69wayne olsen630Caring for Connor Campaign10:40 AM12:01:001:21:00
70Cathy Gonner440Roll the DICE10:00 AM11:22:301:22:30
71Neil Ashton84910:00 AM11:23:001:23:00
72duncan dettmer32610:00 AM11:24:301:24:30
73steve gull32710:00 AM11:24:301:24:30
74sarah maguire59810:40 AM12:06:001:26:00
75Benjamin Chapman47910:00 AM11:28:001:28:00
76Richard Chapman47810:00 AM11:28:151:28:15
77Nicola Carter27710:00 AM11:29:001:29:00
78Daniel Carter27810:00 AM11:29:001:29:00
79Steve Reith47610:00 AM11:29:001:29:00
80wayne olsen634Caring for Connor Campaign10:40 AM12:09:001:29:00
81Louise Sherlock639Mucky Pups10:40 AM12:09:001:29:00
82Daniel Sherratt37310:40 AM12:09:301:29:30
83Dafydd Thomas37410:40 AM12:09:301:29:30
84Jonathan Tolson37510:40 AM12:09:301:29:30
85Sarah Lewis640Mucky Pups10:40 AM12:09:301:29:30
86natalie diab608boot campers10:40 AM12:10:001:30:00
87Christine Biggin616Boot Campers10:40 AM12:10:001:30:00
88Lucy Gove617Boot campers10:40 AM12:10:001:30:00
89rachael foster619Boot campers10:40 AM12:101:30:00
90bob bale607boot campers10:40 AM12:11:001:31:00
91wayne olsen632Caring for Connor Campaign10:40 AM12:13:001:33:00
92wayne olsen635Caring for Connor Campaign10:40 AM12:13:001:33:00
93wayne olsen633Caring for Connor Campaign10:40 AM12:14:001:34:00
94Kevin webb382Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM11:35:001:35:00
95Andy Springford383Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM11:35:001:35:00
96Martin Rowland384Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM11:35:001:35:00
97Matt Tomkins385Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM11:35:001:35:00
98Simone Ferguson386Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM11:35:001:35:00
99Dave Welham410Maidstone Parkfit10:00 AM11:35:001:35:00
100Danny Russell589Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:15:001:35:00
101Mark Kemp404Team Awesome10:00 AM11:36:001:36:00
102Joanne Westrip55310:00 AM11:36:001:36:00
103Daniel Foster585Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:16:001:36:00
104Bradley Russell590Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:16:001:36:00
105Steven Oregan604Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:16:001:36:00
106Thomas Brain642Abilgails Footsteps TEST10:40 AM12:16:001:36:00
107Martyn Wells796Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:16:001:36:00
108Pete Burnside39910:00 AM11:36:301:36:30
109Andrew Wilson34211:20 AM12:57:001:37:00
111James Healey359Coombs bog joggers10:00 AM11:38:001:38:00
112Zoe Rowlands550Zoe10:00 AM11:38:001:38:00
113Steve Wilkes551Zoe10:00 AM11:38:001:38:00
114Steven Henderson81011:20 AM12:59:001:39:00
115Kathryn Freeland485The Work Shop10:40 AM12:19:001:39:00
116Peter Williams486The Work Shop10:40 AM12:19:001:39:00
117Anna Nugent830Community gyms10:00 AM11:39:001:39:00
118Annie Clarke832Community gyms10:00 AM11:39:001:39:00
119Rob Platt797Abigail's Footsteps11:20 AM13:01:001:41:00
120Allan Charles360Coombs bog joggers10:00 AM11:44:001:44:00
121Josh Rowan361Coombs bog joggers10:00 AM11:44:001:44:00
122Jim Burn47710:00 AM11:44:001:44:00
123Sophie Lister84211:20 AM13:05:001:45:00
124ANTONY BARNETT294THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:28:001:48:00
125ANNETTE NIXON292THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:29:001:49:00
126SEB ARCYZ NIXON293THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:29:001:49:00
127CLAIRE JONES296THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:29:001:49:00
129Sarah Verrion82611:20 AM13:10:001:50:00
130SAM JONES295THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:30:001:50:00
131NICK LEESE298THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:30:001:50:00
132MARK EVANS299THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:30:001:50:00
133NATHAN NIXON291THE BOGS BOLLOXS10:40 AM12:31:001:51:00
134anthony buckley817muddy funkers10:00 AM11:521:52:00
135Emma Holder50710:40 AM12:32:001:52:00
136Shaun Ramage582Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:33:001:53:00
137James Perry587Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:35:001:55:00
138Gary Watts591Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:35:001:55:00
139Michelle Horne602FitnessFrenzi10:40 AM12:35:001:55:00
140Evi Wheeler603FitnessFrenzi10:40 AM12:35:001:55:00
141Hazel Scott32310:00 AM11:57:001:57:00
142Nicola Reynolds593Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:37:001:57:00
143Natalie Helmsley592Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:38:001:58:00
144Justine Bell594Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:38:001:58:00
145Kay Skinner447Band of Mudders10:40 AM12:39:001:59:00
146simon woollett448band of mudders10:40 AM12:39:001:59:00
147Jo Morris451Band of Mudders10:40 AM12:39:001:59:00
148Matthew Drinkwater489Band of Mudders10:40 AM12:39:001:59:00
149David Dee45710:00 AM11:59:151:59:15
150Nik Starmer-Smith445Band of Mudders10:40 AM12:40:002:00:00
151robert harrison449BAND OF MUDDLERS10:40 AM12:40:002:00:00
152Keith Foster586Charlie's champions10:40 AM12:40:002:00:00
153Adele Jackson33510:00 AM12:07:302:07:30
154Rob Kipling656Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM12:57:002:17:00
155jason hills643abigails footsteps10:40 AM12:59:002:19:00
156Ruth Thompson648Abigail's footsteps10:40 AM12:59:002:19:00
157Stuart Bowman649Abigail's Footsteps10:40 AM12:59:002:19:00
158JARED DUNGATE664Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM12:59:002:19:00
159Taylar West64410:40 AM13:00:002:20:00
160Nicola Moreland64610:40 AM13:00:002:20:00
161Holly Hill657Abigail's footsteps10:40 AM13:00:002:20:00
162Daniel Cockerill662Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM13:00:002:20:00
163Richard Brown762Abigail's footsteps10:40 AM13:00:002:20:00
164joanna strickland472The Work Shop10:00 AM12:21:002:21:00
165Bryn Yorath473The Work Shop10:00 AM12:21:002:21:00
166Gill Ayling474The Work Shop10:00 AM12:21:002:21:00
167Victoria Marlow475The Work shop10:00 AM12:21:002:21:00
168Robert Drew651Abigail's Footsteps10:40 AM13:01:002:21:00
169Ben Beer652Abigail's Footsteps10:40 AM1:01:00 PM2:21:00
170rob kipling654abigails footsteps10:40 AM13:01:002:21:00
171Daniel Keenan658Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM13:01:002:21:00
172Mark Fisher611TEAM BOOTCAMP10:40 AM13:03:002:23:00
173Etibensi Nkereuwem618Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:03:002:23:00
174Susannah Baron766team bootcamp10:40 AM13:03:002:23:00
175joanne richards784Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:03:002:23:00
176Rosalie Maltby610TEAM BOOTCAMP10:40 AM13:04:002:24:00
177Louisa Fisher613TEAM BOOTCAMP10:40 AM13:04:002:24:00
178James Finch647Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM13:04:002:24:00
179Rachel Mulder659Abigail's Footsteps10:40 AM13:04:002:24:00
180Holly Hill660Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM13:04:002:24:00
181Rachel Mulder661Abigails Footsteps10:40 AM13:04:002:24:00
182karen brazier783Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:042:24:00
183Becky Robinson414Jelley Legs10:40 AM13:05:002:25:00
184SARAH BARNES606Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:05:002:25:00
185JASON BARNES609Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:05:002:25:00
186Emma Gregory774Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:05:002:25:00
187Madeline Howling775Team Bootcamp10:40 AM13:05:002:25:00
188Joeanne Terry415Jelly Legs10:40 AM13:06:002:26:00
189Marika Landy44310:40 AM13:06:002:26:00
190Maria Pilson423Jelley Legs10:40 AM13:09:002:29:00
191Abby Bradshaw27310:00 AM12:31:002:31:00
192Nick Creaser27410:00 AM12:31:002:31:00
193Tammie Glover402Team Awesome10:00 AM12:35:002:35:00
194Mel Harding49710:00 AM12:37:002:37:00
195Cheryll Fenwick524Team Awesome10:00 AM12:37:002:37:00
196Jenny Taylor419Jelly Legs10:00 AM13:06:003:06:00
197Mel Walden418Jelly Legs10:00 AM13:08:003:08:00
BOG TRIALS – The Test Run

BOG TRIALS – The Test Run

April 13, 2014 – April 13, 2014

Preston Court

View MapMap and Directions | Register



The monthly Bog Trials are coming soon.  Against the clock, this’ll be a 1/3rd mile race twice or more round the new Kent Quick Hop course with 12 obstacles on route.

This Sat 12th April we’re doing a test run for just a few select Boggers.  This’ll just be bit of fun while we get the formula right for future events. Places limited to first 30 only.  (And please remember this is a special short course, and not the full B.T.B.)


The B.T.B. Calendar for 2014

The B.T.B. Calendar for 2014

A few changes and additions!


Beat The Bog events are seasonal affairs so we’ve split the calendar up in a simplified way – you’ll now see B.T.B.  SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and, shortly, WINTER 2015…


And to keep you Boggers busy in between times, we’ll shortly be introducing a series of smaller races – The Bog Trials – these will be monthly timed races around a special boggy obstacle course we’re now building to accompany the full Beat The Bog.

More news on this shortly!


-Tom & Will

The Bog Rush is CANCELLED due to flooding!

The Bog Rush is CANCELLED due to flooding!

Urgent News…


Dear Boggers,

I am very saddened to announce that, having examined the course this morning with my co-organisers, we are forced to CANCEL this Sunday 16th February’s “Bog Rush” event. The course is now submerged beyond our control and is dangerous.

We will roll-over your entries to the (higher priced) spring “Bogathon” event, now on 27th April (when the water will, hopefully, have subsided).  I sincerely hope that you will be able to accept our offer, and we will move your entries automatically.  For those of you who have trouble making this date, have no fear – we will be holding further events in July and October, so if you can’t make Bogathon date, please let us know!  We want to ensure that every Bogger comes to experience the BOG this year… :-)

Until Friday evening we were all going full steam ahead – working furiously putting the finishing touches to obstacles and about to start course marking for Sunday.  We thought a little extra water would only add to the challenge of Beating The Bog…  however the river bursting its banks over the weekend has made holding the event completely impractical and highly dangerous.


I never thought I would even have to consider cancelling such an event because of the weather:  believing that conditions, no matter how bad they were, would simply add to the challenge of Beating The Bog, – and that the determination, dedication and resilience of our Boggers would overcome all..!

I’m sure most of you will be aware of the flooding going on up and down the country, with the endless talk on the news, and unfortunately this has hit East Kent hard in the past week.  Those of you in Kent may even have seen the local BBC reports of the environment agency bringing in extra pumps at Stourmouth pumping station, which is very close to the Beat The Bog course.  They’ve been doing their best, but the Little Stour river which flows around the course has now burst its banks.  The result: the worst flooding here in 14 years.


The “Bog” is now 90% completely under water, in some case up to 2 Metres deep, with forecasts of more and more heavy rain into the future. (Most of the course is situated on boggy marshland around the river the Little Stour, so it should come as no surprise that it get a little wet down there.  However, when on the very rare occasion the river bursts its banks, the area becomes one giant lake.  There is simply nothing we can do.)

I am very disappointed to have let you all down this time.  Especially those loyal Boggers who have supported us through our first events. You can see from the pictures how the view has changed over the past few days – it’s gone from being boggy fields with ponds and dykes, to being one giant lake.


This video shows a view across:

This was as far as we could walk – with everything submerged in flood water.

(Some of you may well ask the question: Why don’t you simply move the Feb “Bog Rush” to a March date, and keep it as a separate event?  Well, while we have considered doing this, when this land last flooded in 2000 it took over 8 weeks for the water to drain away to any meaningful degree, so there would be no point, unfortunately.)

On a personal note this comes as a financial knock for us as a tiny team doing everything on a shoestring budget – this is something beyond our control – but we are treating the cancellation as just another obstacle to be overcome like all the rest..!

Thank you for your understanding. I and my co-organisers William and Riffi appreciate your support.  Do feel free to contact me at tom@beatthebog.com with any questions.


The below photos help to illustrate how the scene has changed over the past few days:

The first Boggers take on The Bog…

The first Boggers take on The Bog…

…And Beat it!

The Big Bog-Off went down a storm on 17th November when a sizeable field of crazed Boggers lined up to take on the first challenge at “The Bog” – Kent’s new obstacle course.

Bog M.C. “Pete Fitness” got everybody moving and properly warmed up to music, necessary to stem the cold… As, what lay ahead, was more than 5 miles of cold mud and water – dykes, rivers, ponds and bogs covered with climbing walls, mud crawls nets, slides, pole walks and other nasty things, and all together comprising some 53 testing obstacles…

Tired as hell, thoroughly soaked and muddy from head to toe with bits of bog in places they never knew they had, the Boggers thought they were pretty well through until they met the final two obstacles.

It was these that were perhaps the biggest and the best… The “Bog Scraper” and the Finish Line Net. The Bog Scraper, a massive beast of an obstacle, is a huge platform built over a pond which demanded a challenging climb out of slippery pond and up a long ladder, followed by a tricky wiggle through some tyres at the top.  The effort was worth it as, emerging from the tyres, the Boggers found waiting before them a huge slide down with a another muddy pond at the bottom… The pictures tell the rest!

After a final steep hill climb, the finish line loomed.  This was a daunting obstacle in itself, comprising a 16Ft vertical scramble net – a tricky climb right up to the finish sign, and then down.  Fighting off the cold, and tired from the miles of mud, the Boggers put in some valiant efforts and pretty much all made it over.

We’re pleased to say everybody made it back in one piece – cold but alive, and having properly Beaten The Bog… -Big congrats to all!

(Photos by Grant Burton and Funk Dooby!)


This great GoPro video was made by Alex Barry – See his YouTube channel.


Race Results – How the fastest Boggers lined up:

There were some serious Bog-athletes among the challengers – Well done to Luke Bicknell of East Kent Crossfit, who was the quickest round The Bog, closely followed by Edward Smith…

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More photos to follow on the gallery page and facebook..! You can also check the great review of the event by Nathan at Mudstacle over Here.

-Tom and the rest of the Bog Crew.

Bog Construction Races Ahead!

Bog Construction Races Ahead!

We’re building lots of cool stuff down at The Bog.

…Can you guess what this is?  It’s pretty large and it uses lots of wooden poles to take you way up high.