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Click below to find answers to the nitty gritty of Beat The Bog.


So what do I get for my entry fee?
  • Good value – our entry fees are much lower than other obstacle challenges.
  • LOTS of decent obstacles (currently over 50).
  • LOTS of Bog mud.
  • Race timing (from 2014).
  • Beat The Bog T-Shirts for all Boggers.
  • “I BEAT THE BOG” badges or medals, but only if you actually Beat The Bog.
  • Washing facilities to get rid of the Bog mud.
  • Food, refreshments and a licensed bar, as well as some ‘extra’ fun challenges…
  • Plus, of course, the benefits of becoming a veteran ‘Bogger’…


Are there any other charges?
  • No! There are no catches or hidden extras.
  • Spectating is FREE.
  • There will be food and refreshments available on site, for which you should bring cash.
  • (Please note that ticket and other prices are subject to change at any time.)


What discounts can I get?
  • Teams of 6 or more. We have a 10% discount when you sign up a team of 6 people or more.
  • Teams of 15 or more. If you can assemble a team of 15 or more, then we can arrange extra discretionary discounts via promo codes – please just send us a message via the Contact Us page.
  • Rebates: If you just want to sign up yourself, and think you can get another 5 people to sign up later (to total 6 or more), then you can claim a 10% rebate. More here.
  • (Note: Sign up as early as possible to get the cheapest price tickets, as prices increase in stages the closer the event gets. “Early Boggers” and can save up to 40%.)


What payment methods can I use?
  • Either by Credit or Debit Card (including Visa, Mastercard and American Express).
  • Or via Paypal. Paypal is one of the most widely used and secure payment methods. It’s free to use and very easy to set up an account to pay with your credit or debit card, or bank account, without charge. www.paypal.co.uk

(Our credit card services are supplied by Stripe secure payments over a Trustwave SLL.)


Can I get a refund?
    • No, tickets are strictly non-refundable, including for injury.

(This is part of our terms and conditions).


Can I sign up to Beat The Bog by phone or post?
  • No. All sign ups must be done via the registration system on this website.


Can I change which race wave I'm in?
  • Maybe. If you call or email us we *may* be able to a change to the wave time you have booked.


Can I spectate for free?
  • Yes! But you may have to pay a parking charge if you drive here separately.
  • All spectators are welcome to come and roam the course (bring your gum boots!) or watch from vantage points near the Start Zone where you’ll find food and drink available.


Can I come and join the B.T.B. crew?


What's the minimum age to Beat The Bog?
  • All participants must be over 18 years old at the time of an event, and must declare this during registration.
  • Please remember to bring proof of age with you (some i.d.) in case you look young.


How difficult is it to Beat The Bog?
  • Very. We’ve made the Bog Standard Course as challenging as we can, with loads of obstacles (over 50) and loads of Bog mud… We think our events are easily up there with the Tough Mudders and others. And our feedback from Boggers (runners) so far has been VERY enthusiastic!


Do I need to be fit before I try to Beat The Bog?
  • Yes. We advise all participants to be physically fit, uninjured and sufficiently mobile to run a distance of more than 8 Kilometers (5 Miles) cross-country before taking part in a B.T.B. event. The obstacles will be physically demanding and some will require upper-body strength and flexibility.
  • You will have to be prepared to contend with plenty of slippery, sticky and generally challenging mud. This is The Bog, after all!


Do I need to be able to swim?
  • No. But it’s a good idea… as there are some B.T.B. obstacles that will require swimming, for safety reasons. Those obstacles that may require swimming should be skipped (without shame – you’ll still have beaten the Bog!). Please ask one of our Race Marshalls before your start time for advice on which obstacles to skip, if you can’t swim.


Is Beat The Bog a race?
  • Yes, and we *may* provide timing chips. But it’s also a challenge and the racing part is optional – if you like, can treat it as simply a challenge. It’s also much more fun to take on the course at your own pace, especially when part of a team. In fact, some of the obstacles are EXTREMELY challenging and may ONLY be possible with assistance of team-mates. Therefore we STRONGLY advise that you sign up as a team, whether you’re planning on racing or not.


Can I Beat The Bog for charity?
  • B.T.B. isn’t currently affiliated with any particular charity (we hope to be soon!), but we do strongly encourage all Bog Challengers to raise money on behalf of their own chosen charity, or simple give something themselves.


How can I get prepared to Beat The Bog?
  • We would advise you to gain a basic level of all-round physical fitness. You don’t need to train like a serious athlete (some do!) but it will help enormously if you can comfortably run 3 to 5 miles without being totally exhausted.


Will I get wet and cold while on The Bog?
  • Yes. And there is a real danger of hypothermia, particularly in cold weather. Many of the B.T.B. obstacles will leave you drenched and muddy, and this is usually fine if you’re physically fit and able to keep moving enough to finish the course (and we provide thermal blankets at the start zone). However, very often the cold can get to even the toughest and most experience of obstacle course runners. If this is a concern, and especially if you suffer from poor circulation, then we would strongly advise that you consult your doctor before taking part.
  • We’ll be providing reflective blankets (heat blankets) where necessary.


What should I wear to Beat The Bog?
  • You can wear what ever you feel like!
  • If you feel like being sensible, however, then we would recommend some good trail or cross-country type running shoes (but ones that you’re precious of – they’ll get muddy and possibly even come-off in the bog!), along with some technical type running shorts or some thigh or knee length leggings, and a close-fitting t-shirt. Sports gloves aren’t strictly necessary, but may provide you an advantage with some of our climbing obstacles. (Note: “Mankini” wearers WILL be laughed at).


Will there be somewhere to wash all the mud off?
  • If you really must wash off that precious, hard-earned Bog slop, then we’ll have a few hosepipes to use (but it will be cold water and you may have to queue…)
  • We’ll be handing out reflective blankets (emergency heat blankets) just in case you get a bit too cold after the race.


What can I bring to The Bog?
  • You are welcome to bring food and refreshments, however alcohol is forbidden. B.T.B. events have food and refreshments, including beer and alcoholic beverages available for sale at the on-site bar.


Will there be somewhere to leave my bags and keys?
  • There will be a bag drop tent available.
  • There’ll also be safe deposit box for keys, behind the registration desks.
  • CAR POOLING: If you’re two or more participating as a team, then the B.T.B. crew strongly encourage sharing the journey!


What time should I turn up and where?
  • Where? Information on how to get to the bog, along with a google map giving directions, can be found on our contact page.
  • When? We recommend turning up at The Bog at least one and a half hours before your wave start time (minimum 1 hour before). This is to allow for registration (there may be a queue at the desk) and to give you some time to get changed and prepared, and do a physical warm up. We will have warm up sessions going on and we’ll strongly encourage you to join in.


How long will the B.T.B. course take?
  • That depends on your fitness! Some super-keen and super-fit Bog Challengers will make it round the course in under 45 minutes, but it may take you over an hour and a half if you’re not out to win.


Are there any rules to Beat The Bog?
  • Yes. We have some rules that will be displayed and read out on the day.

    You can read them here: The Rules Of The Bog.


What if I injure myself?
  • Then we take no responsibility. If you undertake to participate in a Beat The Bog or other event, then you also undertake that neither the organisers nor the landowners accept any liability for any loss, accident, injury, disease, or even death sustained… Please make sure read the B.T.B. liability waiver and understand that you are accepting the terms by signing up for an event. (This is a requirement).


Will I be photographed or filmed?
  • Yes it’s possible. Either by spectators or by professional camera crew. The Bog crew reserve the right to use photo and film, that you might feature in, for promotional and similar purposes.


Do I have to sign a race Liability Waiver?
  • Yes! All participants must both read and agree to the B.T.B. liability waiver during online registration, and
  • All participants must also physically sign a paper version of the B.T.B. liability before taking part in any event at the Bog. These will be provided on the race day at the registration desks and are mandatory. Please be prepared and allow plenty of time for registration after you have arrived on site and before your wave start time (we suggest at least 1 hour).


Where can I read the B.T.B. Liability Waiver?


Where can I read the B.T.B. Terms and Conditions?


I've registered but can't find a confirmation email?
  • Don’t panic! first check the email address you used for sign-up, and then check your junk mail folder.
  • Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail users:  please look in your junk mail folder and click “mark as not junk”..!
  • If you still haven’t received a confirmation email more than 6 hours after registering, please send us an email at info@beatthebog.com with your name and address and we will resend it.


We’d advise that you read all the above carefully (the answers expand on clicking), before registering to participate in a B.T.B. event, or coming to spectate at one.

Please do Contact Us if there’s a question that you can’t find an answer to above.


PRIVACY POLICY. We also have a privacy policy to do with your registration and cookies on this site… In case you’re actually interested to read it, you can find the dull legal stuff on our Privacy Policy and Cookies page.

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