The first Boggers take on The Bog…

The first Boggers take on The Bog…

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…And Beat it!

The Big Bog-Off went down a storm on 17th November when a sizeable field of crazed Boggers lined up to take on the first challenge at “The Bog” – Kent’s new obstacle course.

Bog M.C. “Pete Fitness” got everybody moving and properly warmed up to music, necessary to stem the cold… As, what lay ahead, was more than 5 miles of cold mud and water – dykes, rivers, ponds and bogs covered with climbing walls, mud crawls nets, slides, pole walks and other nasty things, and all together comprising some 53 testing obstacles…

Tired as hell, thoroughly soaked and muddy from head to toe with bits of bog in places they never knew they had, the Boggers thought they were pretty well through until they met the final two obstacles.

It was these that were perhaps the biggest and the best… The “Bog Scraper” and the Finish Line Net. The Bog Scraper, a massive beast of an obstacle, is a huge platform built over a pond which demanded a challenging climb out of slippery pond and up a long ladder, followed by a tricky wiggle through some tyres at the top.  The effort was worth it as, emerging from the tyres, the Boggers found waiting before them a huge slide down with a another muddy pond at the bottom… The pictures tell the rest!

After a final steep hill climb, the finish line loomed.  This was a daunting obstacle in itself, comprising a 16Ft vertical scramble net – a tricky climb right up to the finish sign, and then down.  Fighting off the cold, and tired from the miles of mud, the Boggers put in some valiant efforts and pretty much all made it over.

We’re pleased to say everybody made it back in one piece – cold but alive, and having properly Beaten The Bog… -Big congrats to all!

(Photos by Grant Burton and Funk Dooby!)


This great GoPro video was made by Alex Barry – See his YouTube channel.


Race Results – How the fastest Boggers lined up:

There were some serious Bog-athletes among the challengers – Well done to Luke Bicknell of East Kent Crossfit, who was the quickest round The Bog, closely followed by Edward Smith…

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More photos to follow on the gallery page and facebook..! You can also check the great review of the event by Nathan at Mudstacle over Here.

-Tom and the rest of the Bog Crew.